About Us

Our Mission:

Being mindful about minimizing waste, while maximizing responsibility in our community.

The Mindfill is a community hub for sustainable low waste goods. All of our products are ethically researched and sourced from local vendors in the South Dakota area and larger companies that all want to make the biggest impact with the least amount of waste. 

Our business strives to improve our community´s carbon footprint by minimizing the impacts of our products. We aim to reduce waste and emissions that stem from unnecessary packaging of the food and products we need. We, as consumers, did not ask for our home goods to come in plastic, nor did we ask for our necessary goods to create harm.

Our System:

Our products have little to zero packaging, as our system follows a circular model! Bring in your own containers, whether it’s a jar, bag, box, or tub! You can reuse packaging from anything, as long as it is clean and dry, and bring it into us, fill it up at our store, and take it home! It’s that easy.

Meet the Founders!

Hello! Our names are Caitlin and Morgan, and we are recent graduates from the University of South Dakota with degrees in Sustainability. We are passionate about bringing sustainable options to South Dakota (and beyond with online ordering!) with the goal of reducing waste as well as building a community unified by sustainability.

Morgan, who has her Masters of Public Health, believes that a sustainable option for basic food, personal care, and cleaning products are essential to a healthy and sustainable community.

She grew up in Upstate New York on her family’s dairy farm where she became interested in linking the connections between producers and consumers. As well as adopting sustainable practices in not only agriculture but also our communities and daily lives. 

For Caitlin, low waste and circular economy initiatives are her passion. In college, Caitlin was a Zero Waste Intern for her university, studying communities and their relationships and behaviors with waste and environmentalism. She recognized the unsustainable impact of our single-use, take and waste society. She saw that when the options were made available, people appreciated the changes being made in their community.

Together, Caitlin and Morgan are taking both of their passions and are starting from the beginning of the chain -- helping you find necessities that are created to care for you and the environment.